I hate you Mr./Ms. Dentist !!

I’ve always hated going to the dentist.  I don’t like people who hurt me.  The very smell of that room is jibby.  When I was a kid, I used to be terrified of the dentist guy.  For some reason, I have always associated dentists with pain.  And why not… every time I sit on that chair with all this pointy things and drills around me, I can’t help but cringe at the thought of having them stuck in my mouth.

I hate you dentist

Today, I decided to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned.  There were some stains on my teeth, since I drink a hell lot of coffee and I smoke too.  I guess people reading this blog will be aware of that.  There is a dental college nearby and they just charge you ten rupees, for my non-Indian friends that is like 25 cents, for any dental procedure and since I’m a cheap guy I went there.  What happens here is that you’ve got inexperienced kids poking around in your mouth trying to fix your pearly whites and every once in a while their supervising professor will come to check if they have done correctly.

Supposedly, I have marginal gingivitis.  This is pretty normal.  But the thing is, if you go around poking near my gums with a sharp needle, what the dentists term as periodontal poking, my gums rupture.  Well, the girl who was cleaning my teeth, she was poking a hell lot.  At least she could have gone a bit soft on my gums but no, my gums were started bleeding because of her over enthusiastic periodontal poking.  After one hour of my gums getting hurt, I was starting to miss my usual dentist.  I hate him too but at least he does my cleaning without hurting my gums.

Anyway, after an hour and a half, she goes to tell the professor that she has finished cleaning.  He comes to check on the proceedings and to his dismay and to mine, she hadn’t finished.  At least that’s what I understood when I saw him scolding her and saying some mumbo jumbo about stains and scales.  Then, he calls all the students in the room around twelve of them, and starts taking a mini lecture using my mouth as a case study. WTF ! I had some festoon thingy and cleft thingy near my canine which he apparently discussed in the last lecture so my mouth was a perfect opportunity to take a refresher class for him.

After one more hour of scraping my teeth, the ordeal was finally over.  And I was left with perfectly white teeth but  gums puffed from bleeding.  My gums have become okay now but I still hate dentists.


Shiva smoking

Shiva smoking

Even The Gods Smoked Weed, then why can’t we ??
Screw you government bitches !!


Stuff you want to know before you have your dose of caffeine

Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised.
~Star Trek: Voyager

Just another day on the net and I found this totally awesome site. And I am a caffeine addict, like I need at least five cups a day. Yeah, I know it’s a bit too much, but I’m just too crazy about coffee. I’m too addicted to that black liquid ecstasy. They say that coffee is even more addictive than even weed also.

I ♥ coffee

Did you know we have to thank goats for telling us how awesome coffee is or that back in the cave men days, when there was no Red Bull, people used to pop coffee beans for energy boosters?

Crazy right…

Why I won’t quit smoking

One of the first tricks I perfected whilst smoking

” I just don’t want anyone messing with my pure smoking pleasure ” – Max Cannon

Cigarettes, I love you. I don’t know why most people are against smoking. If you smoke like around five a day, you won’t even get cancer. That’s what I do, so I can enjoy the pleasures of a cigarette without feeling like a chain smoker.

I’ve been smoking for the past one year. I got caught by my parents and my college even gave me a serious warning for smoking in college premises, but nothing can stop me from having a smoke.

It started at the 12th standard farewell party

I joined this particular college thinking it’s a pretty strict institute, and i will soon quit but….

it just became more and more cigs

lots of cigs


and lots

When I woke up, during lecture breaks in college, lunch breaks, tea break, dinner time, I always had a cig.

And I actually enjoyed it. It wasn’t for the kick, but you get a sort of mental relaxation, and only smokers can understand this.

Because of smoking, I had so much fun, you know. I met so many other smokers, and let me tell you smokers rock, and they are really awesome people to hang out with.

And I wouldn’t have had so many of the memorable experiences in life if I wasn’t smoking.

Then, there was a major issue, and it’s a real long story, am not going into it. Shit happens but I had to reduce.

Now, it’s just like five a day.

But when I have my alcohol, I don’t even keep count. Alcohol and cigarettes are a combination made in heaven, seriously.

Cigarettes can be your best friend. When the universe is taking a shit on you and you are all alone, just take a Dunhull or a Davidoff, and start puffing away. You’ll feel so relaxed and happy and all the problems will just fade away into that smoke.

As of now, I do the occasional marijuana as well.  I think I should change to more weed instead of cigs, since smoking weed is arguably healthier lol.

Contrary to popular opinion, you too should start smoking for a better and much more enjoyable life 😛

Farting – An article for the lovers of the art of farting !!


I just love farting you know…I mean….I don’t find it to be that disgusting  like most people in our society think it to be.

It’s a perfectly natural process and for those of you who are not ashamed of it, kudos to you, but those of you who are, well, it’s time to change bro. And I’m purposely just saying bro, no sis or ladies or anything referring to the female gender, because to tell you the truth people, I’ve never heard a girl fart. Seriously. Except the old woman next door….

Farting makes me happy for some reason.  You know, whenever I fart, I get this massive endorphin rush. I just start laughing like hell.  Just look at this guy in the pic, looks exactly like me only. Legs held up like a baby, forcing out a loud fart, looking very happy with himself having let one out absolutely on fire.

Just hilarious.

Next time  you let out some gas, just pay close attention to the sound. After a few more times of paying attention, you’ll realise that there so many different types of farts and fart sounds. I mean you can even create a totally awesome musical with all those really unique fart sounds, seriously.

For the ardent fans of farts out there, a must check out, totally hialrious  by ryan higa aka nigahiga on youtube

Just keep farting and spread the word !!

Hope you have a nice fart filled day !


Pirates looting porn

Just stumbled on this article today, incidentally, while I had put a couple of videos to download. 😛

Click on the title/link to see what I’m talking about.

We all know about piracy and illegal downloads and we all do it. Downloading movies, songs, games, etc. for without shelling out a single penny is so easy these days. But among all this, porn is among one of the most heaviest download genres right now. And since so much porn is out in the internet to watch for free, guys like me just prefer that instead of buying actual porn movies. I mean, who the hell will !!

According to this article, this ‘ free porn ‘ is hitting the porn industry hard. The so called professional sex actors you see moaning and sweating it out in those erotic clips are losing out on a hell lot of money. The male actors don’t even get 150 bucks per scene.  In the coming years, we might not even have professional porn stars anymore.

It paints quite a sad scene for the adult industry due to piracy.

But I think piracy is here to stay, and the people will always support it because we always want shit for free.