“Women aren’t funny. That’s a fact. Probably it’s because women don’t fart, and farts are empirically the funniest thing.”





ever wondered the truth about sponge bob and his friends ??? 😛

Beautiful women smoking cigarettes…

I just love a girl who’ll have cig 😉

Noa: ranting & rambling in london

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Look, I know smoking is bad for you, you don’t need to tell me that. It says so on every single pack of cigarettes that I buy. I know. I’m not trying to glorify it.

But, there’s just something so sensual about a beautiful photograph with smoke curling up, a cigarette delicately balancing between 2 fingers or between lips, an aura of relaxation, an aura of rebellion, an aura of much need alone time with a smoke…

audrey hepburn smoking a cigarette

kate moss smoking

monica bellucci smoking

adriana lima smoking a cigarette

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College – Why should you not to go behind a girl who is a super senior ??

Well, I’m pretty sure that all guys out there know that in college, if you want a hot chick, you should pretty much just stick to girls in your same year, and not try your luck with super seniors.

Even I knew that but being the person I am, I actually tried my luck with a super senior during my first year in college !!

She was the hottest girl in our campus, seriously. Every guy, from first year to final year used to gawk at her. She was ‘WOW’.

She had awesome hair also btw lol

My best friend and I used to see her around a hell lot of time, but this is Kerala, a place slightly on the conservative side. As badly as I wanted to, I couldn’t just approach her or just start a conversation and no mutual friends either so sadly I had to just leave it like that.

But fortunately, Facebook came to the rescue !! yay 

Word of advice – If you want to chat up that hot chick but can’t do so in real life because of some particular reason, Facebook is the way to go bro !!!!!!!!

At first she didn’t accept my request….obviously. She was like ” I don’t accept reuqest from strangers and blah blah “.

Then I just decided to do some harmless lying hehe 😉 . I lied that I was her junior in her school and that we lived in the same place for a few years. And those lies were enough for me to end up on her friend list……..atleast for the next couple of months

Two months, we used to message each other every single day, poke each other and what not. She was fun to chat to alright. Also, I made a video to show her, but before I could show her, I got screwed.

I downloaded all her profile pics and made it into a video cum slideshow with Angel by Shaggy playing in the background. It was a really sweet video okay 😉 .

But this was her final year, so she was leaving college. And I thought, what the hell, I’ll just tell her I have a small crush on her. I had nothing to lose and I was just living this care free life.

And what she did was, scold me and lecture me like I was a small kid. Blah Blah Blah !!

And she blocked me also, *sigh*, girls these days . But then, there was another small reason for that.

And she told her boyfriend who was a super senior in my college, that I’m hitting on her. He called me up and told me never to message her again EVAR !! Bleh !!

And that was the end of me trying to romance a girl three years older than me 😛

Word of advice – Do not try this 😛


  • If she is hot, she has a boyfriend…….like duh !! That means you are gonna get screwed.
  • You are a junior and she is a super senior, end of story.

But the whole story was exciting. Something different from the everyday life, and cmon, in college you have to fool around like this and get a bit screwed and all. Atleast that’s what I think 😛




Nice timepass…..this was quite fun…amazing how this guy thought this shit out man

Live, Nerd, Repeat

Hi everybody. I’d like to announce tmso as our Other Half of the Idiom contest winner! Here’s tmso’s winning idiom.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush except when that bird pecks out your eye, then you only end up with one; one eye that is.

Thanks for the laugh tmso. Your reward consists of these two priceless works of art that I’ve applied to your idiom plus the undying adoration of the sixteen people who read this blog… you’re welcome.

*Now back to our regularly scheduled program*

Have you ever asked yourself, “Gee, I wonder what character I’d be if I were in a video game?” Well, you’re in luck because I made a thingy that tells you just that so read ahead and BE AMAZED!!!

*click to enlarge.

*that’s supposed to be the…

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