Farting – An article for the lovers of the art of farting !!


I just love farting you know…I mean….I don’t find it to be that disgusting  like most people in our society think it to be.

It’s a perfectly natural process and for those of you who are not ashamed of it, kudos to you, but those of you who are, well, it’s time to change bro. And I’m purposely just saying bro, no sis or ladies or anything referring to the female gender, because to tell you the truth people, I’ve never heard a girl fart. Seriously. Except the old woman next door….

Farting makes me happy for some reason.  You know, whenever I fart, I get this massive endorphin rush. I just start laughing like hell.  Just look at this guy in the pic, looks exactly like me only. Legs held up like a baby, forcing out a loud fart, looking very happy with himself having let one out absolutely on fire.

Just hilarious.

Next time  you let out some gas, just pay close attention to the sound. After a few more times of paying attention, you’ll realise that there so many different types of farts and fart sounds. I mean you can even create a totally awesome musical with all those really unique fart sounds, seriously.

For the ardent fans of farts out there, a must check out, totally hialrious  by ryan higa aka nigahiga on youtube

Just keep farting and spread the word !!

Hope you have a nice fart filled day !


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