Why I won’t quit smoking

One of the first tricks I perfected whilst smoking

” I just don’t want anyone messing with my pure smoking pleasure ” – Max Cannon

Cigarettes, I love you. I don’t know why most people are against smoking. If you smoke like around five a day, you won’t even get cancer. That’s what I do, so I can enjoy the pleasures of a cigarette without feeling like a chain smoker.

I’ve been smoking for the past one year. I got caught by my parents and my college even gave me a serious warning for smoking in college premises, but nothing can stop me from having a smoke.

It started at the 12th standard farewell party

I joined this particular college thinking it’s a pretty strict institute, and i will soon quit but….

it just became more and more cigs

lots of cigs


and lots

When I woke up, during lecture breaks in college, lunch breaks, tea break, dinner time, I always had a cig.

And I actually enjoyed it. It wasn’t for the kick, but you get a sort of mental relaxation, and only smokers can understand this.

Because of smoking, I had so much fun, you know. I met so many other smokers, and let me tell you smokers rock, and they are really awesome people to hang out with.

And I wouldn’t have had so many of the memorable experiences in life if I wasn’t smoking.

Then, there was a major issue, and it’s a real long story, am not going into it. Shit happens but I had to reduce.

Now, it’s just like five a day.

But when I have my alcohol, I don’t even keep count. Alcohol and cigarettes are a combination made in heaven, seriously.

Cigarettes can be your best friend. When the universe is taking a shit on you and you are all alone, just take a Dunhull or a Davidoff, and start puffing away. You’ll feel so relaxed and happy and all the problems will just fade away into that smoke.

As of now, I do the occasional marijuana as well.  I think I should change to more weed instead of cigs, since smoking weed is arguably healthier lol.

Contrary to popular opinion, you too should start smoking for a better and much more enjoyable life 😛



  1. Completely understand what you mean! Especially the conversations you have with other smokers… you instantly feel a kind of weird bond!

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