Stuff you want to know before you have your dose of caffeine

Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised.
~Star Trek: Voyager

Just another day on the net and I found this totally awesome site. And I am a caffeine addict, like I need at least five cups a day. Yeah, I know it’s a bit too much, but I’m just too crazy about coffee. I’m too addicted to that black liquid ecstasy. They say that coffee is even more addictive than even weed also.

I ♥ coffee

Did you know we have to thank goats for telling us how awesome coffee is or that back in the cave men days, when there was no Red Bull, people used to pop coffee beans for energy boosters?

Crazy right…


Pirates looting porn

Just stumbled on this article today, incidentally, while I had put a couple of videos to download. 😛

Click on the title/link to see what I’m talking about.

We all know about piracy and illegal downloads and we all do it. Downloading movies, songs, games, etc. for without shelling out a single penny is so easy these days. But among all this, porn is among one of the most heaviest download genres right now. And since so much porn is out in the internet to watch for free, guys like me just prefer that instead of buying actual porn movies. I mean, who the hell will !!

According to this article, this ‘ free porn ‘ is hitting the porn industry hard. The so called professional sex actors you see moaning and sweating it out in those erotic clips are losing out on a hell lot of money. The male actors don’t even get 150 bucks per scene.  In the coming years, we might not even have professional porn stars anymore.

It paints quite a sad scene for the adult industry due to piracy.

But I think piracy is here to stay, and the people will always support it because we always want shit for free.